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Room energy rebalancing kit + guide + detailed instructions

Room energy rebalancing kit + guide + detailed instructions

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For you who have chosen our kit I thought of a gift:
a complete guide, which I wrote in collaboration with @laviadelreikimilano
You will find insights, different energy purification practices for your spaces and one more little surprise.
With our creative force, our thoughts, our emotions, words and actions we produce energies and energy fields. As individuals we are an energy system and we also belong to other systems, such as the family one and gradually to increasingly larger others, we are interconnected and exchange information from their respective energy fields. Therefore, to ensure we live in an energetically harmonious space, it is advisable to carry out simple energetic cleaning practices of the environments.

When? On the occasion of a move to a new home or office, if there have been periods of arguments and little harmony between the occupants of the spaces, "annoying" neighbors, feeling of not living well in a single room, if we want to make single rooms more enjoyable rooms..

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